Research Projects

Adipose mitochondria impact metabolic homeostasis

  • The An Laboratory is aiming to carry out paradigm-shifting research in the fields of obesity, diabetes, and metabolism by defining the fundamental mechanism of obesity and bringing treatments fighting obesity and its related metabolic diseases.

  • One of the major lab research programs is to increase our understanding of intercellular and interorgan communication during mitochondrial distress using molecular and biochemical methods, primarily cultured cells, genetically engineered mouse models, and human adipose tissue samples.

  • By utilizing established mouse models, we will be uniquely positioned to perform four levels of studies: to explore intracellular regulation and defensive mechanisms against mitochondrial dysfunction, to identify intercellular crosstalk between adipocytes and adipose stromal cells, to discover inter-tissue communication between white and brown adipose tissue, and finally, to investigate the interorgan crosstalk between adipose tissue and liver and other metabolic organs.


Mitochondrial function/dysfunction


Adipocyte biology

Image by Nick Fewings

Inter-tissue and inter-organ crosstalk